martes, 6 de octubre de 2009

Eclipse BPMN Modeler Webminar

Abstract: The BPMN modeler is a pure Eclipse product. Its semantic model is based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework, it uses the Graphical Modeling Framework to run its editor. It has quite a few more things bundled into it though - we made sure to add a validation builder that creates markers on invalid BPMN diagrams headlessly. We also tweaked and configured the modeler against GMF so we could use the best of the tools it provides. The BPMN modeler is also meant to be embedded into your product. It features a simple drag and drop mechanism to annotate the diagram shapes. It is specifically oriented to be rebranded and integrated into complex products.

The webinar will present the BPMN language, the BPMN modeler features, and will detail some of its little additions.

Total running time 49:13 minutes

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